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Small Cranes Play An Important Role

Small cranes are an ideal lifting equipment which is flexible, easy to operate, efficient and reliable to work. Specially adapted to engineering work. Especially in the field of lifting, steel, timber market and narrow site operations, more can play its strengths. Mini Crane Claw Machine The correct use of cranes, can reduce the wear of the machine to prevent the occurrence of failure. For high quality, low consumption, safe to complete production tasks, play an important role.

Small cranes, from chassis, slewing platform, stand, the crane and lifting device, the lifting device and the Slewing platform are provided with a guide rail, can move up and down, the lifting device is equipped with counterweight block and pedal board, the upper part of which is connected with the rope wheel, Mini Crane Claw Machine and the wire rope on the rope pulley is connected to the lifting weight by the pulley through the rigging The lifting device is moved downward by the human action pedal, and lifting weights rise upwards. The lifting device also has a locking mechanism and a gentle drop device to ensure the reliable operation of small cranes. Mini Crane Claw Machine The invention has the advantages of simple structure, no power or fuel loss, low cost of use, and energy saving and environmental protection.

Small cranes include the body, the body on the surface near the right side of the fixed connection has a support seat, supporting the upper surface near the right side of the hinge connected with the lifting rod, the lifting rod is fixed connected with a small motor, the small motor drive shaft is provided with a pull rope, the left end of the rope The top of the lifting rod is fixedly connected with the hanging ring corresponding to the rope, Mini Crane Claw Machine and the right section of the pulling rope is connected with the ground phase from the hanging ring and the right end of the cord is fixed. The small crane of the utility model is matched by a manual hydraulic device and an electric hoist, which makes the miniature crane's simulation function more comprehensive, has the function of loading and unloading goods, the production cost is cheaper and more energy saving and environmental protection.

Small cranes Adopt A unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with the traditional cranes, the minimum distance between the hook and the wall is minimized, the clearance height is the lowest, the Coriolis crane can be close to the front work, Mini Crane Claw Machine the lifting height is higher, and the effective working space of the existing plant is increased practically. Because light and small cranes have light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics, the new plant can be designed smaller, more complete function.

The main characteristics of small cranes are: its working mechanism is mostly a single elevating mechanism, which can be transported horizontally in certain occasions. This kind of mechanical lifting ability is small, Mini Crane Claw Machine the structure is simple, the cost is low, carry more convenient.